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Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Walter Pall and his beginnings - English

Walter Pall and his beginnings in bonsai
Author: Walter Pall
Collaborator: J.P. Arzivenko

In 1979 I already knew what bonsai was in general, but I hadn't seen a real bonsai before. So, in a newspaper in Germany I read about a garden center that had some bonsai shown and for sale. So I went there because I was interested in garden things; since my early youth I was a gardner. I went there and was deeply impressed and shocked at the saem time. I was impressed about the appearance, the obvious age and the shapes. And I was shocked about the wire biting in, and by some things I thought pretty ugly and unnnatural. Anyway it seemed so difficult; although I consider myself a good gardener, I thought "this is just impossible".
And then the artistic part which also interested me very much, I also saw as difficult to impossible. I grew up in a family full of artists, my grandfather was a painter, my father was an actor (you would never tell), my uncle was a poet and we had lunatics and insane all over the place. Anyway I am also known as an artist sort of person. So I could see the art in bonsai, and I thought it was very difficult. But difficult and impossible things have always intrigued me, so somehow I was drawn towards this, and very soon later I purchased my first bonsai. Thats it how I started, and from then on it is just an addiction, I cannot live without it, now it is my life.


  1. Hi walter.
    Do you perhaps still have a tree that got you started in bonsai. Something that's been with you since the beginning?
    Thanx. Tim. South africa

  2. Tim, unfortunately I don't have any tree form the beginning anymore.

  3. Hi dear Walter
    How can i start this art?

    1. Read everything you can find for three months. And then start.